About Sandeep Acharya

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Thank you for coming here. It means a lot to me. Let me introduce myself, I am Sandeep Acharya. I do have a Bachelor Degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering. I am from Kolkata, a city from Eastern India.

I work as a JavaScript engineer for FusionCharts

Currently, I am 21 years old ( if it is 2017 ) and I am always into helping people to build awesome stuff. It may be an analytics dashboard with a Nodejs backend or scrapping millions of product from Amazon.

I find myself really quick in learning new technologies and I am not afraid to try a new one.

I really love problem-solving. I use nodejs primarily as my backend. Though this website is running on apache web server with WordPress.

Before jumping into Nodejs, I was a LAMP stack developer. But I feel like I fell in love with this JavaScript ecosystem. You can make pretty much anything with JavaScript like making cross-platform mobile applications to custom RSET API.

I will also encourage you to try anything you like as language is just a tool to build. Your problem-solving ability makes the main difference.

Apart of coding, I contribute to open source projects. I love listening to Bollywood and Bengali songs. I read a lot at Quora. Through this blog, I would like to help individual coders to learn the principle architecture of making things from scratch. I will try to be as detailed as possible.

Every day, I am learning something new and I am also forgetting a lot of things. I started this blog to help you to learn things that I felt hard to understand ( at least for me ) initially.

One thing, if you want to contribute to this blog, please let me know via my contact form. I would love to discuss

If you have any query then let me know immediately. Have a very nice day.